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Legendary Marketer 3.0 Review: High Ticket Scam or Legit? (2019)

Welcome to my Legendary Marketer Review 3.0 2019!

Legendary Marketer was formed with the mission of helping people all around the world in creating digital businesses that can earn them at least $10,000 each month after using their cutting-edge business strategies.

Legendary Marketer is also offering one of the high ticket affiliate programs in the industry; so many people are recommending this product to earn big affiliate commissions.

That’s why I decided to give my honest opinion on this product so you can make an educated decision whether Legendary Marketer is the right option for you or not.

So, I will discover in this post that whether it is really that easy for Legendary Marketer to fulfill its promises? Is it worth your time? And most importantly, is Legendary Marketer a scam or legit?

Let’s start:

Legendary Marketer 3.0 Review Summary 2019

Product Name: Legendary Marketer

Founder: David Sharpe

Product Type: High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing Program

Price: Front-end $30 per month + Numerous Upsells up to $30,000

Best For: People who have investment and want to earn high affiliate commissions

Legendary Marketer Review

Summary: In simple words, Legendary Marketer is a high-ticket affiliate marketing program that provides you training on how to resell this system to other people. They have some pretty good stuff in training; but due to high cost, it can be a risky investment. I also don’t recommend this system to beginners as their sole focus is on paid advertising and there is a lot of advanced stuff in the members’ area as well.

Rating: 70/100

Verdict: No

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  What is the Legendary Marketer?

David Sharpe (Dave Sharpe) creates legendary Marketer with the aim of helping people in building their digital empires.

He and his team provide you with all the training and support in this journey to get you successful. 

The TRAINING is in the form of digital courses and SUPPORT is in the form of personalized virtual coaching.

Along with this, there is also highly dynamic and supportive live mastermind events to stay you updated with the latest trends in the industry.

David also brings the top experts from the world and commissions them to create world-class training courses for their students to learn from.

David created many products in the past, so he is no stranger to creating products in this niche.

Well, all above sounds like too good to you but in fact Legendary Marketer is one of the most expensive training program i have ever seen.

Some others most expensive training programs are AWOL Academy, Project Life Mastery, The Super Affiliate Network and Freedom Fast Lane.

Though the training is good but the issue is whether it is worth the price? That’s what i will be disclosing to you in the next sections. 

But before going into this product deeper, let’s first look at:

Affiliate Review Directory’s Top Recommendation

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Who is David Sharpe?

As said David is the CEO of this company, and he has more than ten years of experience in the digital marketing industry.

He founded three big companies from scratch, educated over 300,000 students worldwide through his courses.

He was also featured on Entrepreneur.com and was quoted by Forbes as one of the masterminds of this industry.

He was the co-founder of most popular digital marketing multi-level marketing (MLM) company, Empower Network in 2011.

Though Empower Network has become very famous the whole concept of that Company is to make money while promoting the Empower Network itself. 

David Sharpe

David Sharpe

That is the reason why Empower Network has ultimately become infamous and failed.

David then decided to leave Empower Network in 2014, and he started his own company with the name of Duplicate Dave.

And now, Duplicate Dave is a part of the Legendary Marketer, a brand that was also founded by Dave Sharpe.

Again Dave used the same concept of Empower Network, this system is also created with the focus of promoting Legendary Marketer itself.

All of David’s products are more of the same – quick cash grabs repeated over and over.

  How Does Legendary Marketer Work?

Legendary Marketer works on the traditional business model, Affiliate Marketing.

However, David has molded the traditional offline franchise business system into the online world.


David thinks that the internet startup business success rate is as low as the traditional business and only 10% of people are actually making success through this.

However, if we mold this system into a franchise based system, then its success rate will increase as much as near to 90%.

What this means is that Dave has developed a proven sales funnel that works. All you have to do is to work with him and use his “online franchise business” and make money.

So, it means this system has already developed products for you, and you don’t need to create or develop your own.

Dave has developed a sales funnel for you, and you need to use that sales funnel and promote the Legendary Marketer itself.

There is everything “Done-for-you” in this system, and you need to copy their system and promote it to other people.

This is also why they are also called “Duplicate Dave.” You’re just copying what Dave has created and use the proven done for you sales funnel to make money for yourself.

Duplicate Dave

You will get the training here how to promote it to other people. You can buy it and then resell it to other people, earning commissions this way.

This is called, “A System For Promoting The System.”

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  Legendary Marketer Product Line

Let’s take a look at what is inside the Legendary Marketer.

There are three core products:

  • Marketing and Advertising Curriculum 
  • Business Blueprint Curriculum 
  • Live Mastermind Curriculum

There are many products included in each curriculum, which are:

1. Legendary Marketer Club ($30/Month)

This is their first product, and it includes introductory stuff on basic marketing concepts. They offer this to you for $30 per month.

After paying this, you will be granted access to the member’s area where you first need to talk to your mentor on the phone to unlock your 15 steps training series.

It is more of a motivation series where Dave will show about him and his success stories.

After seeing this, you can also access different courses on:

Legendary Marketer Club

Legendary Marketer Club Member’s Area

  • Facebook ads
  • Lead generation and tracking
  • YouTube advertising
  • Facebook fan page formula
  • Instagram marketing

This membership plan will also provide you a few resources in the form of:

  • Private business success coach
  • Landing page
  • Banner Ads
  • Video Ads
  • 45 Days Email Follow-up Series
  • Support, Live Chat, and Facebook Group

In simple words; their landing pages, ads, email swipes are all created for the purpose of promoting the Legendary Marketer.

Your task is to invest in traffic, generate leads and the system will follow-up to your leads through a follow-up email series.

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2. Traffic Rolodex ($247 One-Time)

Paying $30 per month membership fee didn’t get enough for them to guide you all the strategies of Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Google in the last section.

That’s why they have introduced Traffic Rolodex for you for a one-time investment of $247.

So this product will get you help in advertising on sites like YouTube, Facebook, and Google.  They have few good experts that will walk you through on how to succeed with your campaigns.

They will guide you how to:

  • Dominate on those platforms
  • Create compliant landing pages for each platform
  • Generate maximum leads

Though there is good information included in this product, I don’t know why these aren’t included in the “Legendary Marketer Club.”

Well, it is obvious that the only purpose is to sell that upsell of $247 which I think is unfair for the members.

It also means that people who are just opting the previous option will don’t know how to run ads properly and they are in the big risk of suspending their accounts from Google and Facebook.

So, what they are charging $30 per month for? This is a big red flag on this product.

3. Legendary Builder Masterclass ($2,500 One-Time)

This is their high ticket upsell of $2500, and this section includes more advanced stuff on digital marketing.

You will get over 12 hours of video content divided into four different sections:

  • Attraction Code – This is even more advanced stuff on Facebook ads to get quality traffic, creating high converting sales funnel and a good value ladder. It gives you clear guidance on:
  • What types of content you should post frequently?
  • Where and how to find laser targeted audiences?
  • How to encourage people to buy stuff through Facebook easily?
  • Story Selling Formula – You have heard that “Facts tell and Story sells.” A story is behind everything, whether you are using a video sales message or text message. Stories connect people and most influential people in the world are using it to leverage their business and mounting their sales conversion rate.

This course is designed for people who are interested to learn how to use stories to sell a product easily and improve their sales conversion rate.

  • Master of Enrollment – Get to master the art of list building and relationship buildingwith your prospects, this course helps you to do this. You will learn and master the art of follow up to your leads which will help you to convert your leads into customers. They will also provide you ready made templates which you can use for future follow-ups. 
  • Profitable Presentation – If you want to become a good presenter where people will listen to you, and you can easily communicate your ideas, sales pitch, and other information: this course is created for you. You will get in touch with a highly skilled coaches who will be there to guide you through the process and making sure that you become a profitable presenter.
Legendary Marketer Legendary Builder Masterclass
Legendary Marketer Legendary Builder Masterclass

Affiliate Review Directory’s Top Recommendation

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4. Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint ($2,500 One-Time)

This part is all about making money from affiliate marketing. In affiliate marketing, you are basically promoting other people products.

You don’t need to create your own products. Just use the platforms like Clickbank, Amazon, Shareasale and many more and promote products registered with them. 

It is a beginner’s friendly system and also my favorite as well. However, the entire focus of this module is to promote Legendary Marketer to the people which isn’t fair to me.

5. Digital Products Business Blueprint ($2,500 One-Time)

This section is created for people who want to create their own digital products (eBooks, video, and audio).

Everyone knows digital products are easy to create and also gives you more earning potential than the physical products. 

You can offer big discounts on events and make even more revenue. 

6. Coaching and Consulting Business Blueprint ($2,500 One-Time)

This is a blueprint for taking a start in your own coaching and consulting business online. You will learn how to identify your niche, delivering your product or service, and scaling your business to the maximum level.

Definitely, not everyone can do this. Therefore this product is for people who are in advanced career level and most people reading this probably don’t have an interest in it.

7. Events & Masterminds Business Blueprint ($2,500 one-time)

If you have a plan to host an event in a cool location around the world that class is going to teach you how to do it properly. You will learn everything like , , and .

  • Hiring people for the event
  • Selecting a venue
  • Bringing in experts to the events

Again this stuff is for more advanced people who are already running a six-figure business and have a good fan following.

Affiliate Review Directory’s Top Recommendation

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8. Legendary Leader Masterclass ($5,000 One-Time)

If you want to scale your business to 6-figures or even 7-figures income, Legendary Leader Masterclass claims to a course that can achieve you this.

Legendary Marketer Legendary Leader Masterclass

This is how they could make the difference:

  • Grow your brand online and become a leader
  • Perfect for your brand development
  • Exclusive training from industry leaders who share their strategies on how to grow your business

9. Legendary Marketer Masterminds ($8,000 One-Time)

From this product and onwards, you will get participation in live events where you can get interaction with the world’s top experts.

These experts will share with you:

  • Traffic, lead generation and conversion strategies
  • Live in-person mastermind
  • Lifetime membership to the mastermind events (For future events you only have to deposit the small fee only)

Though you will interact with different experts and see how they are implementing strategies, I believe $8k is too much for this.

10. Legendary Entrepreneur Mastermind ($12,000 One-Time)

This is also a 3-Day live mastermind event in the US which covers topics like health, wealth, growth and personal development.

So their’s more focus on being a true entrepreneur.

  • Live in-person mastermind
  • Health, wealth, growth tips and performance strategies to create and protect your wealth and become the best version of yourself
  • Lifetime membership to the 3-day mastermind event ((For future events you only have to deposit the small fee only)

Once again, $12,000 for a three-day event? That’s too much!

11. Legendary Lifestyle Experience ($30,000 One-Time)

This is the most advanced package and only for those committed to excellence. You will get:

  • Exclusive out of the country mentoring event
  • Have a chance to network with the world’s top online marketers
  • Eligible for one year coaching with David Sharpe
  • Four exclusive VIP days after all Legendary Events and Masterminds.

So that’s all!

They have a pretty huge list of products. I believe that most of the products are useless and these are just created for making big gains on them. 

Not only affiliates will get 40% for each product but also 60% will go into the pocket of Dave. 

Remember to get coaching from David, you need to buy the last package of $30,000. You also need to buy all the products before going to purchase this one. Because this one is the last in the funnel. 

So, if you add them all, it will be more than…


You need to spend this amount to be qualified to earn commission on each products and get one on one coaching with David.  

Affiliate Review Directory’s Top Recommendation

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 Legendary Marketer Compensation Plan

Legendary Marketer uses a simple compensation plan for rewarding its members.

As I have already stated that your only task is to buy its membership and other upsells and then promote it to other people.

You are actually getting a license if you purchase that product and this entitles you to sell it to other people.

So, it means if you haven’t buy a particular product and someone your sponsor buys that product you will not get that commission.

Let’s suppose you buy a product “Legendary Marketer Club” membership of $30 per month and recruit a person who also buys that membership; you will be entitled to earn $18 per month as long as that person remains active.

However, if that person takes one step further and purchases more advance package of Legendary Builder Masterclass ($2,500 one-time), this purchase will not earn you commission because you have not purchased that product.

It means you aren’t licensed to sell that product.

So, you are tempted to buy more advanced products whether the training in that product is actually related to your business or not.

Let’s look at the commission of each product you are going to make if you sell them:

  • Legendary Marketers Club ($30/Month): You earn 60% which is $18 per month in residual income
  • Traffic Rolodex ($247 One-Time): You earn 40% which is $98.8
  • Legendary Builder Masterclass ($2,500 One-Time): You earn 40% which is $1,000
  • Affiliate Business Blueprint ($2,500 One-Time): You earn 40% which is $1,000
  • Digital Products Business Blueprint ($2,500 One-Time): You earn 40% which is $1,000
  • Coaching and Consulting Business Blueprint ($2,500 One-Time): You earn 40% which is $1,000
  • Events and Masterminds Business Blueprint: ($2,500 One-Time): You earn 40% which is $1,000   
  • Legendary Leader Masterclass ($5,000 One-Time): You earn 40% which is $2,000
  • Legendary Marketer Mastermind ($8,000 One-Time): You earn 40% which is $3,200
  • Legendary Entrepreneur Mastermind ($12,000 One-Time): You earn 40% which is $4,800
  • Legendary Lifestyle Experience ($30,000 One-Time): You earn 40% which is $12,000
Legendary Marketer Compensation Plan

Legendary Marketer Compensation Plan

  Who is The Legendary Marketer For?

Legendary Marketer claims to be created for everyone, but I don’t think so.

I must say that it is for those who have at least a few thousand bucks extra to invest.

Also, I don’t say it is beginners’ friendly system. You must have a big email list, a YouTube channel with thousands of subscribers or an authority blog. Otherwise, it will be tough for you to promote it.

Even as a beginner if you like it, you can join it by choosing the most basic package of $30 per month.

Do your effort for one month and see the results and if it doesn’t work, you have a chance to get a refund because they offer a 30 days refund period.

Also, we have seen in the past that two programs like MOBE and Digital Altitude have been shut down by FTC.

They were also high tickets affiliate programs and using the MLM business model as well along with affiliate marketing.

Legendary Marketer, though unrelated to MOBE and Digital Altitude, but still, have some commonalities may make it a much riskier business as well.

Even if it doesn’t get shut down, it still will get a lot of negativity from the market.

Take an example of Empower Network; this system is now taking its last breath due to using a similar business model like Legendary Marketer.

Affiliate Review Directory’s Top Recommendation

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  Pros & Cons:

The Good

1. You Will Get Value

Though the overall product is way too expensive, there are tons of values in the member’s area. David being the owner of 3 multi-million dollars companies knows everything about digital marketing.

There are trainings on Affiliate Marketing, paid advertising, branding, launching events outside the USA, coaching/consulting business and many more.

If you are a complete beginner or even a medium marketer, there is a lot of value for you. It is up to you whether you decide to take David seriously or not.

2. Paying You High Affiliate Commissions

Their products are super expensive, but if you somehow bring in people who buy through your affiliate link, you will earn huge commissions. Even $1,000 commission could be a huge confidence booster for you.

Such commissions can add up very quickly and if your target is to earn $10,000 per month so only ten people could make your task fulfilled.

Their commission rates are 40% and 60%. Majority of their high tickets programs offer 40%.

Though I’m still not happy with their rates because their products are digital and at least they offer 60% to 70% rates, but still 40% isn’t bad either.

3. A lot of Things Done for You

As said earlier, this system has a done for you things which are plug-and-play. 

Well, they have landing pages, video ads, banner ads and more but I like most of their 45 days email follow-up series.

All you need is to join this system and fill your profile so that this system will do all for you.

You need to spend on paid advertising, and if you get leads, their ready-made emails will start to follow your leads with your affiliate code embedded in those emails.

As David knows this business well, so his email series for this business is also top notch. That’s why some people are getting good results due to this follow up series.

Even with this third (3.0) version, they have further updated their email swipes, and people are getting better results than the past. 

4. Some People Are Getting Great Results

I have seen their Facebook group and read people success stories, and it is true that some experts have achieved massive success with this system.

Though they are very few; at least, this shows that those who want to invest time and money will definitely see the results.

legendary marketer income proofs
legendary marketer income proofs

Also, due to the massive commission amount, your income could add up very quickly, and that’s why some people have achieved 5-figure income with this system.

I know they are more experienced guys and they have been in this business for a while. So, everyone shouldn’t expect this kind of success at all.

Affiliate Review Directory’s Top Recommendation

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5. Good Support

They have a decent support system. Firstly you are given a personal coach who can guide you all the way to your journey, and you can book a call with him/her.

Also, they have a very active Facebook group, and I have seen that they have crossed 15,000 members.

I have seen people are sharing their success stories there and some are asking for help. So, on the whole, it keeps the other members motivated, and they can also share their strategies.

Also, the people who are promoting this high tickets program are mostly experts so you can interact with them and get valuable information.

6. 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Last but not least, if you are unhappy with the model and training which is given by this product you are covered with 30 days money back guarantee.

This lets you check their system for one month and if you love it, go ahead and start your journey there.

At least I can say that they have confidence in their system that is why they are offering this 30-day money back guarantee otherwise they can offer not at all.

Also, I have reviewed a similar product in the past with the name of Easy Earn Commissions, and this product doesn’t provide anything refund at all. 

The Bad

1. Too Much Expensive

If you have seen above, there is no need to tell again. This is a super expensive product, and if you do the math, its total cost will cross the $60,000 mark.

Asking someone who is already looking for money to invest in a product that is for $60k, it doesn’t make any sense at all.

Even if you buy a Legendary Marketer Club package, you need to spend $30 per month. Though this still seems reasonable after that but earning a good affiliate commission, you need to buy a minimum of one product of $2,500.

Even for $30 per month package, what you are getting as training and tools?

There is just basic stuff on Facebook ads, YouTube and Instagram which I believe you could easily find for free.

If you look at my recommended platform, i.e., Wealthy Affiliate it only cost you $49 per month and provides you with all the training and tools for starting your own affiliate business from home.

At least you can start working on one track.

2. Focus on Paid Traffic Methods

I know paid traffic is good too and give you far quicker results, but definitely, I don’t recommend it to beginners.

First, they need to learn the basic stuff first, and then start to work on getting free traffic methods.

Paid traffic methods are a risky way to start your journey. If you are on a tight budget, you are taking too much risk.

Legendary Marketer has a total focus on paid methods of Facebook ads and YouTube ads. So, you need to be extra careful in this case.

Affiliate Review Directory’s Top Recommendation

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3. Other Associated Cost

You don’t think that after investing;

  • $60k on the complete package, or 
  • even if you spend $30 per month on basic package and also choose the Legendary Builder Masterclass package of $2,500 (which I believe most of their members are buying).

There are other costs associated with this business as well.

You cannot ignore them altogether. You have to spend on paid advertising, autoresponder and tracking tool.

For paid advertising I recommend you to start with at least budget of $1,000. For autoresponder, they recommend you Sendlane, and you can expect to pay $20 per month. Same amount you need to spare for tracking tool as well.

So, let’s do the math:

  • Marketer Club package = $30 per month
  • Builder Masterclass package = $2,500 (One time)
  • Autoresponder = $20 per month
  • Tracking tool = $20 per month
  • Paid Advertising = $1,000 at the start

So you can imagine this system is for those who are already earning good income online. 

Also, if you are a beginner, you could lose more in a trial and error. A beginner cannot just get stuck his investment in it. 

4. They’re Mainly Promoting Themselves

I don’t like products that sole purpose is to promote themselves.

A program sole purpose is to give you the training, and it is the person who decides which platform he/she chooses and promotes it.

But here nearly all of their training, video ads, email swipes are directed to promote this legendary marketer to other people.

This is how many pyramid schemes and other scam sites do. Though it is not a pyramid scheme, still there are some commonalities which resemble it with them.

5. Low Success Rate

Though I have seen big achievements from some people, they are very few, and also they are experts.

You cannot see that a beginner who has just started in this online journey and earned something big.

These are people who have massive subscribers on YouTube and also have a blog with authority.

They are showing their audience this opportunity as a life-changing opportunity, and innocent people are joining them. Due to this such people are making big commissions from this.

The beginners can judge the worth of a system. Experts are already earning money so their screenshots cannot be taken as a proof that this system works.

Be careful beginners!

Affiliate Review Directory’s Top Recommendation

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6. Tough For Beginners to Promote

You could think yourself that how many times you have thought before investing this opportunity?

Definitely hundreds of times!

So, now let suppose you are in and also your task is to bring new people into this system to earn money.

That person will also think hundreds of times to buy their products.

Low-cost items can be sold much easier but if you ask someone to buy that product for $2,500 no one will be going to ready for this.

Experts know how to sell, but people like you and beginners don’t know this.

7. You Must Get the License before Promoting

Well, that can be good but bad either.

So, let’s suppose you have bought the Legendary Marketer club package for $30 and don’t have enough money to buy the next package of $2,500.

Now you started advertising on Facebook and got few leads, and some of them decided to buy higher packages that you haven’t bought…so what?

You will not get a commission for the products for whom you haven’t bought the license. That’s a bit unfair to me.

Also, whether you like that product or not you have to buy it otherwise you could take the risk of losing commission.

Even you don’t have plans for organizing an offshore event, or starting coaching and consulting business but still, you have to buy them.

Don’t you think this is again similar to some pyramid schemes as well?

8. You Could Easily Get Lost

What is your overall purpose of joining this product?

Well, they portray you to learn affiliate marketing and making money. But this is not the case.


Because all of their things get mess up very easily, firstly they give you basics of Facebook ads, YouTube ads, and Instagram. 

After buying more products, they will let you know more advanced stuff and so on.

Some products will take you thought the consulting business, some to digital product creation, and some to branding business and so on.

So, you will get to know very little of affiliate marketing and could easily become overload.

I don’t think that beginners could absorb so much and in the true sense, most of the products are not related to them at all.

Affiliate Review Directory’s Top Recommendation

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  Is Legendary Marketer a Scam?

Honestly speaking; Legendary Marketer is not a scam but a totally legit product that has some great training resources. They will also follow up your leads which you get them after investing in paid traffic. 

Of course, there are few downsides about this program as well.

  • It is simply a high ticket program that is pretty much similar to Super Affiliate Network, Digital Experts Academy, and My Lead System Pro.
  • People are only joining them just because it offers huge affiliate commission.
  • The system is only working for advanced marketers. The results you are watching on YouTube or Google are from people who have already established businesses. They have thousands of YouTube SubscribersWebsite Traffic or Paid Advertising Budget

But still, there is some room for the beginners as well. If you really want to join them with a limited budget, I suggest you choose the Legendary Marketer Club Package of $30 and then get some training on Facebook ads and YouTube.

Start promoting this system and if you get good results, go for the high ticket upsells and this is where you can start making more money.

However, still, you are taking too much risk because it is not easy to promote this product as a beginner.

 A Much Better Way to Make Money Online…

If you want to get rid of above issues and looking for a system that could take you from the first step and then to making a full-time business from home, I only recommend you to give Wealthy Affiliatea shot.

Wealthy Affiliate is free to join, and it didn’t have any expensive upsells like Legendary Marketer. I also have been using this system to make money online.

Also, you will learn how to start your journey based on your interest and then convert it into a big empire that could reward you passive income month after month.

Moreover, the site has over 1 million members compare to Legendary Marketer who has only 15,000.

Moreover, with Legendary Marketer, you can easily lose your main focus because there are too many things in one place, but with Wealthy Affiliate, you are only working on making a business from affiliate marketing. 

Wealthy Affiliate helps beginners and intermediate users to make a living online while Legendary Marketer converts advanced people to more advanced level. 

Me and thousands of other affiliates in Wealthy Affiliates had achieved so much even we didn’t know at all when we started.  

That’s the power of this system, so don’t waste your time and click the link below to get you enrolled for free. 

Do you want to join?

Before you leave…


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